Ageism in Music

I certainly see the ageism and the so-called generation gap in the music business, but nowadays I see it as a big FAKE, perpetuated and exacerbated by the youth marketing machine.

In the 60s, there were real issues between the generations. The notion of humanitarian values being more important than nationalism. The idea that personal appearance was a choice, not something to be dictated by a creepy, militaristic society. Civil rights. The extension of the ideal of 'freedom of religion' to become 'freedom from religion'. The renaissance of exploring spirituality and sexuality, versus stifling Puritanism. In short, the whole counter-culture movement. Now that was a real Generation Gap, and the whole world was indeed changed by the music that heralded those ideas.

Of course, once it was discovered that there was money to be made, the whole scene was corrupted and turned out. Nowadays, kids are brainwashed by Youth Marketing into believing they can't communicate with their parents. They come to believe that classifying a given piece of music as 'old' vs 'new' comes before actually listening to it. No wonder we grow so poor of spirit.

I never followed the 'generational' mold. Music is something I listen to without cultural and personal identifications as filters. To do otherwise would be to go ignorant of some of the most wonderful musics on the planet -- music made by people who are nothing like me in terms of generation, ethnicity, or country of origin. Music is the universal language, not the niche marketing language!

I hope that the youth of the world rebel against the corporate culture machine. Not in some misguided, pointless way, but with real intelligence and insight. Where is this generation's John Lennon? Probably working as a computer programmer somewhere, because society is too stultified in its pursuit of the greenback to listen.

Bill House

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