Bill's Music

Bill's band is called the Beach Blues. The beach scene has long been a mecca for the Blues. Beginning with beachside clubs in places like Galveston, Texas, Bill has played many a sand-blown stage, with the seagull's cry echoing his Stratocaster's wail. FREE MP3s!

Live From Mission Tobacco Lounge
Riverside, CA
Performing with Ironman Mike Curtis
Song Date
Stormy Monday 09/13/2002
Walking to New Orleans 09/13/2002

Live From the Starboard Attitude
Redondo Beach Pier
Performing with Ironman Mike Curtis
Song Date
Nocturn in Harlem 04/09/2002
Play the Blues 03/12/2002 #1 Songs
Song Genre Date
Full Grown Man General Blues 05/12/2001
Lisa's Blues Blues 06/20/2001
Hot Love Rockabilly 06/23/2001
Foolish Love Blues 08/17/2001

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