The Bill House Story

Bill House was born in New Orleans, raised in Texas and now lives on the beach in Southern California. As British radio DJ David Raven of Raven'n'Blues remarked, this sounds like an idyllic life, but the stories in Bill's music tell of a long road that's anything but easy.

Growing up, Bill was often left alone for days at a time and, just like John Lee's proverbial Boogie Chillen, Bill found solace in music. For his 13th birthday, Bill was given a Silvertone box guitar that changed his life. Listen to his music and let the joyous emotion flow!

Along with his musical activities, Bill is also an outspoken denizen of cyberspace, haunting various music-related forums and chats. Some of his more coherent (and lengthy) rants border on being complete essays and may be viewed here.

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